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Ulverin R – HIFU – focused ultrasound

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Ulverin R – HIFU – focused ultrasound

Fractional microneedle radiolifting on the device Ulverin R (South Korea)

Ulverin-R is a modern effective cosmetology device that works on the principle of fractional RF (radio frequency) exposure.

The fractional RF exposure method has been successfully used in cosmetology systems of leading world manufacturers. Its effectiveness lies in the maximum stimulation of the regenerative properties of the skin and the synthesis of new collagen molecules. In this case, the procedure is painful, fast and effective. The rehabilitation time after the procedure is 1-3 days.

Benefits of the procedure:
– Microneedle technology – electrodes penetrate the skin to a depth determined by the operator – the maximum absorption of RF energy by tissues, there is no heating of the skin surface, and there is no loss of RF energy.
– Isolated microneedles – localization of thermal effects at the desired depth, the absence of trauma to the surface layers of the skin.
– Vacuum grip of the skin at the point of contact of the manipula – uniform penetration to a given depth when processing uneven skin areas (frontal tubercles, nasolabial folds, cheekbones).
– Fixation of the skin with reduced turgor (stomach, etc.).

Indications for use of the procedure:
1. Removal of wrinkles (including expression lines).
2. Grinding the skin of the face.
3.Facelift (lifting).
4. Correction of nasolabial folds.
5. Removal of scars from anke.
6. Removal of scars and scars on the face and body.
7. Removal of stretch marks after pregnancy.
8. Correction of the manifestations of cellulite.

The use of the apparatus is less traumatic and no less effective than laser grinding procedures. At the same time, microneedle RF exposure technology provides skin restoration and renewal with the same efficiency as laser procedures. When compared with RF technology without the introduction of microneedles in the skin, the Ulverin R device, due to the absence of energy loss on the skin surface, provides an efficiency of 2-3 times more. For a lasting effect, 3-6 procedures are necessary, depending on the particular patient.

Physiological effects of the procedure:
1. Instant lifting – the effect immediately after the procedure – reducing the length of the tropocollagen filaments.
2. The maximum stimulation of the regenerative capabilities of skin cells.
3. A pronounced synthesis of new collagen molecules.
4. Correction and normalization of the skin surface in the treatment area.
5. Improving the texture and trophism of the skin at the procedure site.