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AQUASURE H2 procedures based on an innovative patented method of combined action of galvanic currents of different polarity, active hydrogen ions, as well as technologies that are actively used in cosmetology – mechanical exfoliation, vacuum stimulation and multifunctional serums. The synergy of the unique AQUASURE H2 technology and classical cosmetology gives the most pronounced aesthetic effect.

hydrogen peeling using hydrogen ions (H),
joint influence of galvanic currents at all stages of the procedure.
The AQUASURE H2 device is a multi-functional high-tech platform for a comprehensive effect on the skin. Procedures on the AQUASURE H2 device can be performed both comprehensively – all stages of treatment, and in separate stages for the needs and clinical result of each client.

effective removal of the main signs of skin aging,
removal of keratinous residues from the surface of the skin,
skin cleansing, nutrition and hydration,
removal of free radicals from the skin,
strengthening recovery processes in the skin,
elimination of comedones, normalization of pores, removal of a demodex tick,
acne treatment
lifting and toning the skin (wrinkle reduction, triggering neocollagenogenesis),
lightening the skin (including a decrease in the production of melanin in dynamics),
increased activity of metabolic processes in the skin – significantly stronger results from the use of other procedures and cosmeceuticals against the background of exposure to AQUASURE H2.
Hydrogen Peeling Toning:
a) preliminary hydrogen hydration,
b) hydrogen peeling drainage.
Vacuum water-acid peeling.
Skin cleansing with salicylic and beta-hydroxy acids.
Saturation of the skin with vitamin nutritional serum.
Galvanic skin massage.
Each stage of the procedure can be applied independently to solve the individual problems of each patient.

The whole procedure or any of its stages can be carried out without exposure to galvanic currents.

Hydrogen peeling – beauty and health of the skin and the whole body

AQUASURE H2 is the only cosmetology device in the world with an integrated hydrogen generator. When the generator is operating, hydrogen ions that have a negative charge are released. The concentration of hydrogen ions in the peeling liquid is 5 ppm. Hydrogen ions destroy free radicals in the skin. Free radicals are the most serious factor in the development of aging processes in the skin – it reduces the regenerative abilities of cells, destroys collagen and elastin molecules, and worsens the nutrition of skin cells. The absence of free radicals in the skin helps to rejuvenate the skin and increase the effectiveness of any medical and cosmetic procedures.

Galvanic currents at all stages of the procedure.

A key feature of AQUASURE H2 is the physiologically justified influence of galvanic current at all stages of the procedure. Depending on the stage of the procedure, a positive or negative voltage is applied directly to the liquid that is used in the procedure. Due to this, active substances (hydrogen ions, serum components) penetrate the skin to a depth, substances that need to be removed (pore content, etc.) Due to the influence of galvanic current, they are most effectively removed from the skin layers and removed with a stream of piling liquid. When working with a face scooter, the polarity of galvanic current affects the face skin. This ensures smoothing of wrinkles, skin tightening – lifting effect.

Hydrogen peeling toning.
Removal of free radicals from the skin, lowering the pH of the skin, moisturizing.
Vacuum water-acid peeling.
Removing keratinous residues, enriching the skin with vital substances, improving blood circulation, increasing recovery processes in the skin.
Skin cleansing with salicylic and beta-hydroxy acids.
Removing comedones, cleansing pores, removing demodex mites, normalizing T-zone skin, controlling acne, skin sanitation.
Saturation of the skin with vitamin nutritional serum.
Nutrition, toning, restoration and lightening of the skin.
Galvanic skin massage.
Skin lifting. Stimulation of neocollagenogenesis. Improving trophic skin cells.
AQUASURE H2 is used in almost all clinical indications with any severity of age-related skin changes.

The use of AQUASURE H2 improves the overall condition of the skin. Any cosmetic procedures or cosmeceutical applications that were ineffective for the patient, against the background of procedures on AQUASURE H2, become effective and bring a vivid effect.