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Aesthetic medicine is a dynamically developing branch of medicine. Its current trend is “a quick result”. The methods have become more aggressive. Therefore, it is very important that they are safe for the patient, performed with skillful hands and strictly for medical reasons. The patient wants to quickly return to the habitual way of life, having received a pronounced aesthetic result.

Our “Branch of intensive cosmetology” is formed of experienced doctors of dermatocosmetologists, who constantly learn the new technologies of aesthetic medicine. This expands the arsenal of techniques, allowing them to choose for the patient, the ones will bring the result of improving their appearance in each specific case, following the number one commandment of the doctor: – Do no harm!

Thanks to our new branch of cosmetology at the center, we can now offer new effective methods for aesthetic correction and rejuvenation of the face and body.

The last acquisition for the intensive cosmetology department was the laser multi-functional platform M22 (USA).

A new solution to rejuvenation, lifting, elimination of couperose and pigmentation, treatment of skin diseases, elimination of telangiectasias on the face and legs. Our M22 makes rejuvenating effect on the patient’s skin more perfect. Stimulates the processes of self renewal of the skin. This effect on the skin can be called physiological. Get the effect of rejuvenation is not due to the development of fibrosis, but due to the stimulation of skin renewal – the modern trend of aesthetic medicine.