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Care for problem skin

Care for problem skin

Care for problem skin is carried out with various techniques of treatment at the center.

To accelerate the healing process during the treatment, a complex of skin care procedures is required, including:
– ultrasonic peeling, electrophoresis (possesses anti-inflammatory, seboreguliruyuschim action, promotes the acceleration of regeneration processes);
– Vitalaser + (Germany) with the use of therapeutic agents;
– procedures with the use of specialized Israeli cosmetology products “Christina” and “Holy Land”.

Following treatment, a recovery period follows, during which a number of skin care activities are performed to improve the appearance and quality of skin conditions.

At the center we can offer the following procedures:

– Hydropiling – has a moisturizing effect, promotes purification and renewal (rejuvenation) of the superficial layers of the epidermis;
– microdermabrasion is an effective professional cosmetology procedure for the uniform removal of dead particles of the upper layer of the epidermis, stimulates blood circulation and speeds up metabolic processes in the skin;
– Hydradermy from the institute Guinot Paris – has moisturizing, oxygen-healing, restoring effects.

Upon completion of the treatment phase and subsequent skin care in the center, patients are prescribed home care with the aim of finalising the results.