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Our center is known for creating the perfect sole for both men and women. With professional experience as podiatrists, our all team follows strict protocols to ensure health, wellness and beauty of your feet.


Corns and calluses (Often painful) are treated painlessly under sterile conditions.

Calluses : Thickened, rough, hard, flaky, split, fissured or dry skin.

Corns ‘Bumps/lumps’, ‘dimple/dents’, that may be tender to walk on or hurt in shoes. They usually appear over the ‘knuckles’ of your toes, top of your 5th toe and in between toes.

It’s prevention and treatment is particularly important not only for cosmetic purposes (Especially in sandals!), but if you have poor circulation, diabetes, or if they are ‘split’ there is an increases a risk of infection or ulceration.

Corn pads should be avoided, as these acid patches burn a patch larger than your actual corn, and increase the risk of ulceration. (Dangerous in elderly and poor circulation)

Nails are trimmed, tidied and buffed to remove rigidity and unwanted thickness and discolouration.

Ingrown toenails result in tenderness at the sides of your nails as they grow. Usually the big toe is affected. This may become infected, prevent the nail from growing, cause pain in footwear or under bedsheets.

Fungal toenails destroys the integrity of your nails. They serve to protect your nail bed and protect your toes. They cause discolouration and brittleness of your nails.