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Laser biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalization

One of today’s procedures to turn back the aging of the arrow is laser biorevitalization.

This method has gained popularity due to the activation of own reserve cells. On the processed portion is applied hyaluronic acid, which is under the influence of the laser penetrates deep into the fabric, keeping the moisture in them, stimulating regeneration processes and providing a lifting effect.

Indications for non-injective laser biorevitalization :

moisturizing the skin;
wrinkle removal;
restoring of the skin structure;
improving skin complexion
alignment of the relief;
restoring the skin after the plastic surgery, peels;
the elimination of wrinkles and flabbiness;
dehydration, the elasticity decrease;
stimulation of fibroblasts;
reduction of hyperpigmentation;
Skin preparation for plastics, rejuvenation , etc .;
(resurfacing) etc .;
prevention of aging caused by the stress (prolonged use of chemotherapy, smoking, living in a big city, rehabilitation after serious diseases);
Biorevitalization of the face.
Biorevitalization is recommended for people who often fly in an airplane, those who are going on vacation. Procedures are needed to prevent the dehydration, the effect of temperature changes, the accumulation of free radicals due to solar radiation.

Advantages of the method:

long lasting effect (the result lasts 4 to 5 months);
no side effects typical for conventional biorevitalization injection (swelling, needle marks,
redness, skin pallor, mikrogematomy, pain);
low cost;
excellent state of health;
relaxation and recovery.
The result of laser skin biorevitalization

The result is seen after 20 minutes. You just go back to your casual lifestyle. After the treatment, the skin produces hyaluronic acid independently , also it is saturated with moisture. The shallow wrinkles and roughness disappears, pores are getting tight. If the procedure is applied to the lips, they look noticeably volumetric. Smartness effect persists for several weeks.