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Seasonal care (Autumn-winter)

Seasonal care

What is the concept of intensive cosmetology? Laser and chemical peelings. Laser grinding. Ultrasonic facelift. Radio wave lifting. Photorejuvenation. Plasmolifting. Threaded facelift. Injection of Beauty. Mesotherapy.

All these techniques can be combined when the beautician is faced with the task of keeping the client’s face out of time. What gives us a combination of different techniques? We do not produce significant damage to the skin and get a quick rehabilitation of the patient during the course of intensive procedures.

Your cosmetologist, depending on the condition of your skin (healthy / couperose / pigmentation) and on what procedures have already been done, will develop a strategy for your rejuvenation using a combination of several intensive cosmetology procedures and preparatory cosmetology procedures.

As a result, lifting and improving the quality of the facial skin will not require long-term social isolation and a violation of the rhythm of life habitual to you.