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Cosmetic care

Cosmetic care

Carboxytherapy, also called carbon dioxide therapy, is a process during which carbon dioxide (CO₂) is injected directly into the skin to promote blood flow and increase skin elasticity. Many practitioners offer this treatment as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction and anti-aging procedures like facelifts.

Several injections are often needed to distribute the gas evenly in the treated area. These injections are generally made between 10 and 13 millimetres into the body, but can vary depending on the area. The treatment takes between 15 and 30 minutes, with most patients only reporting mild discomfort from the procedure.

Modern aesthetic uses for carboxytherapy tend to focus on three aspects: lessening the appearance of skin blemishes, improving dark circles around the eyes, and reducing localized fat.

Cosmetic procedures for the face with Biologique Recherche (France).
Biologique Recherche treatments bring years of innovation and bespoke specialised techniques together; for a results-driven, luxury experience that is personalised to every unique Skin Instant®. The foundation of Biologique Recherche methodology is formed upon the combination of pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, an aesthetic and centeral approach as well as rigorous and unique protocols.

Each treatment starts with the Assessment Stage to personalise the following stages according the Skin Instant® of each individual; then, the Initialisation Stage will prepare the epidermis for the Treatment Stage.