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Soft Filling

Soft Filling

A new method of remodeling the face and body in soft filling technique has appeared with the introduction of a new type of the soft needles, which is a kind of combination of the of the traditional needle and the cannula.

The soft needle provides the ability to use the most advanced techniques for face correction, which provides the most natural effect with minimizing the possibility of bruising during treatment. This is due to the construction of the needle.

As a new technologythe Soft feeling technique has achievedgreat success in the world due to very natural effect of the correction and the minimal sides effects during the treatment (swelling, inflammation, bruising). This methood is comfortable for the patient and gives doctors choices for facial remodeling.

Soft filling technique is much safer because with the caniula we can treate the whole area using only one puncture point on each side of the face. This method usually does not require prior anesthesia. Doctors have excellent control of the depth of the injection, and can monitor the filling process easily.

The risk of vascular or nerve damage is minimal, so the product can be active longer. Soft filling technique gives us posibility to use hialuronic acid products of various density. It is used to bulild up the cheeck area, correct the facial oval and can also be injected in the foarm of hialuronic threads. Absorbing filler also provides hydration to the surrounding tissue, giving the effect of a relaxed, firm, and healthy skin. Effects of the treatment are immediate and last for a year.