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We are always striving to improve the level of medical services provided by Dr Mozart, and we appreciate your positive feedback. We take into account all comments and suggestions that relate to our work. Thank you for your choice.


Thank you for your feedback. It is very important for us to know your opinion.
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patient reviews:

Irina – 20.06.2020 
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
I want to express my deep gratitude to the whole team, Dr. Mozart, and in particular to Anna Kravtsova. The operation and rehabilitation was simply at the highest level. I am very glad that I came to you)

Victoria – 10.06.2020
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Dmitry Vladimirovich Ivanov! A real pro. The result of the operation even exceeded my expectations! Now I recommend the surgeon to all my girlfriends)

Alla – 06/11/2020 
Doctors Yampol Alexander Igorevich have long known – an excellent ENT specialist, a great practitioner, a very decent person. More such attentive doctors.

Victoria – 06/12/2020 
ENT Specialist
I was with Dr. Yampol, an ENT doctor. Not one year she suffered with tonsils, nasopharynx, not a single doctor solved my problem. Before him, they suggested that I remove the tonsils and align the nasal septum, which, as it turned out now, I have absolutely smooth, and I do not need surgery. The problem was completely different. A very competent doctor, honest and decent. Accessible and clearly explains.

Anna – 06/13/2020
Laser dermatology
Insanely competent cosmetologists do their job at the highest level! Carefully and very painstakingly. Nice and friendly staff! Spent half a day in the clinic on the procedures, with great pleasure and pleasure!

Viola – 06/15/2020 
Alexander Igorevich Yampol. I’d like to thank the excellent professional in their field! For 7 years of motherhood in my practice this is the first time! Despite the fact that my son really does not like all kinds of manipulations with the nose, and they were carried out in full, beyond the threshold of the clinic, the first thing he said: “Mom, I forgot to say thanks to the doctor when we come to visit him again ? ” A professional approach to the child, so gaining confidence at the first meeting, not everyone can! In Odessa, there were only two specialists whom I trusted 100%, now there are three of them! Thank you very much! We are very satisfied!

Oksana – 06/18/2020 
I want to express my deep gratitude to the entire Dr. Mozart clinic, especially to Yampol Alexander Irogorevich for the brilliantly done work. I am very glad that it fell into your clinic and into your professional hands. Never before had my nose breathed so freely. From the very first consultation and until the end of the rehabilitation, my doctor was in touch, prompted and supported me in every way, which is very pleasing, the operation is terrible for me)
Everyone who is afraid but wants to have rhinoplasty, I assure you, you need to do it, this doctor isn’t scared, intelligibly and effectively. The most talented ENT in Ukraine!)

Anastasia – 06/20/2020 
Thank you very much Dr. Yampol A.I. for a very detailed and high-quality consultation regarding my nose and breathing! I really liked the fact that the doctor showed my pictures and immediately commented on everything in a very simple language with examples and made a lot of efforts so that I understood all the details.
The doctor is very pleasant, attentive, devoted me a lot of time and answered absolutely all my questions exhaustively) I
sincerely recommend Alexander Igorevich to you – this is a wonderful specialist!