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Conducted by a otorhinolaryngologist surgeon.

Dr.Mozart Medical Center provides a wide range of different types of ENT care for children and adults. Using the most advanced diagnostic endoscopic equipment, the doctor will diagnose and select the current treatment method from conservative to minimally invasive surgical.

Restoring full nasal breathing

Endoscopic removal of polyps in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, sinus cysts
Sinusitis treatment
Cold Plasma Adenoid Removal
Rhinoplasty (open, closed, preserving)

Hearing restoration

Eardrum perforation closure
Treatment of otitis media
Eardrum bypass
Hearing Improvement SurgerY

Our doctor is an otolaryngologist of the highest category A.I. Yampol, who owns all the classic, innovative and original methods of treatment, will help you return to an active life without ENT diseases!