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Endoscopic diagnosis

Dr Mozart Odessa

Endoscopic diagnosis

Anatomically, our ears, throat and nose are designed so that most of them are hidden. It is simply impossible to conduct a full-fledged study using a reflector, nasal, laryngeal mirrors and other traditional means.

The use of endoscopic technologies allowed to change the situation and bring ENT diagnostics to a qualitatively new level. The absolute standard of modern otolaryngology is endoscopic diagnosis. She lets

• painlessly
• As informative as possible
• It is safe (absence of radiation and other negative effects on the tissues) to examine the ENT organs, including areas inaccessible during routine examination • make the diagnosis as accurately as possible or detail the already delivered
• the ability to identify pathologies at an early stage
• Monitor the stages and effectiveness of the treatment. During each examination, a video fixation is required, which allows you to compare the patient’s condition before, during and after treatment at any time, and even after a year.

Endoscopic diagnosis is indicated even for children. They perceive it absolutely comfortably as a game.
The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes

Endoscopic diagnosis does not require special training.
The key to successful treatment is to identify the cause of the disease, correctly diagnosed. That is why in my practice endoscopic diagnosis


Alexander Yampol

ENT surgeon, doctor of the highest category