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Children’s Otolaryngology

Dr Mozart Med Odessa


With diseases of the ear, throat and nose, a person inevitably encounters throughout his life. And this is not surprising, because it is the mucous membrane that covers the inner part of these organs that is one of the first to meet viruses and pathogenic pathogens.

The children’s body is very susceptible to their influence. A feature of young patients is that they can not always formulate what they have in their pain or, fearing a visit to the doctor, hide painful sensations.

When your child needs an ENT doctor

• Difficult nasal breathing
• Severe runny nose lasting more than 7 days
• Decreased sense of smell
• hearing impairment
• Sore throat
• Headaches
• Bad breath
• Voice changes (hoarseness, hoarseness)
• Snoring, difficulty breathing in a dream
• Pain in the ears, including after a cold
• Discharges from ears or nose mixed with pus or blood
• Acute or chronic diseases
• nose injury
• Ingestion of a foreign body in the nose or ear

Modern otolaryngology combined with an individual approach to each small patient allows diagnosis and the necessary treatment as efficiently as possible and with minimal discomfort.

You can get advice at a time convenient for you and your child, without waiting in long lines.


Alexander Yampol

ENT surgeon, doctor of the highest category