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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic plastic surgery is one of our main activities at Dr Mozart medical center. Our Chief doctor of plastic aesthetic surgery is Mikhail Aleksandrovich Mylnikov, plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, and Doctor of the highest category. Under his leadership, the center undergoes complex plastic surgery.

Dr Mylnikov MA knows and understands the modern techniques of plastic aesthetic surgery of the face and body. The advantage of our Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department is our modern methods of examination and diagnosis, advanced technical equipment and expensive high-tech equipment.

The 20 years of invaluable experience gained by Mylnikov MA allows one of the worlds best, to perform a multitude of plastic surgery at our center.

We have a highly skilled team of professionals. Each plastic surgeon has a vast portfolio of completed plastic operations of varying degrees of complexity. The experience of our specialists and the equipment of the Center for Plastic Surgery “Dr Mozart” with high-tech modern equipment allow us to perform face lifts, apply modern methods of changing the shape of the breast, buttocks and other areas of the body, removing fatty tissues, etc.

Highly qualified specialists and advanced equipment of the center has caused a huge increase of patients, not only from Ukraine, but also from around the world.

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