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Body massage


Manual body massage is a set of techniques of physical action on the subcutaneous and muscle tissues of the human body. This form of massage is the most common and most in demand, despite the use of hardware techniques. As part of the manual massage procedure, an experienced specialist has the opportunity to solve many individual problems of the patient. This technique allows you to correct the figure, eliminate cellulite, accelerate recovery after injuries and illnesses, improve blood circulation, and stimulate lymph flow.


A full course of manual massage allows you to solve many problems of both an aesthetic nature and health-related problems. Massage practices are very versatile, they are used both according to medical indications and according to the personal wishes of the patient. However, to achieve the desired result, it is important to contact an experienced and qualified massage therapist.
When applying to the “Dr.Mozart” medical center, every patient can count on a number of advantages, among which the key ones are:
1. Specialists – our medical center employs Elenberg Ester Erastivna – a qualified massage therapist, a physiotherapist with many years of experience, who will individually select an approach to solving the problem of each patient, choosing the optimal massage technique.
2. Variability – massage therapists at “Doctor Mozart” perfectly master various massage techniques, which allows you to cope with many pathologies and disorders, making massage a universal tool.
3. Comfort – modern interior, new massage tables, friendly and professional staff await you in our medical center. The combination of these and other criteria allows the patient to feel comfortable and improves mood.


As mentioned earlier, manual body massage is a set of techniques, the skillful selection of which allows you to solve various problems. It is about both complex massage and treatment of local areas of the body. Doctors who perform the following types of massage work at the “Doctor Mozart” medical center:
1. Acupressure massage – the masseur works on specific areas of the body, which allows solving local problems. Acupoint massage uses several techniques: Tibetan Shiatsu or Korean Su-Jok.
2. Sports – an ideal option for working out the structures of the ligamentous apparatus, muscle tissues, tendons, and nerve centers.
3. Anti-cellulite massage – allows you to effectively eliminate the hated “orange peel” on the buttocks and other parts of the body, activate metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat layer.
4. Lymphatic drainage massage – aims to influence the lines of the body in the direction of lymph flow, which allows normalizing the work of the lymphatic system.
5. For pregnant women, this type of massage is aimed at eliminating swelling, pain in the kidney area, relieving fatigue and stress, preventing spinal diseases and other problems faced by expectant mothers.
6. Modeling massage is an effective solution for eliminating aesthetic problems, which allows you to reduce weight, fight with local fat deposits, and literally model body proportions.
7. Restorative after injuries and stroke – this type of massage enables the patient to recover faster from injuries, as well as restore lost abilities with greater efficiency.
8. Visceral massage of the abdomen is a complex technique, but in the hands of a professional, it allows to treat diseases of the organs located in the abdominal cavity, to improve blood circulation.
9. Hawaiian “Lomi-Lomi” – the main task of this massage is to relax, get rid of negative thoughts, which is facilitated by the masseur’s rhythmic movements and pleasant background music.
10. In addition, the massage therapist of our medical center uses in his practice his own developments, unique methods of manual lymphatic drainage massage and treatment of cellulite.


The manual massage process consists of several consecutive steps:
1. Massage therapist consultation, during which the specialist records complaints, conducts an examination and chooses the optimal massage technique (massage for weight loss, restorative, lymphatic drainage, etc.).
2. Diagnostics – in some cases, before starting a course of massages, the patient needs to undergo a number of laboratory and hardware tests, which allow identifying possible contraindications to a specific type of massage.
3. Direct massage sessions that take place in a specialized office. Procedure time and manual massage price are discussed at the preliminary consultation.


The necessary number of massage sessions is set by a specialist for each patient. However, in most cases, a full course includes at least 10 sessions.


The duration of the procedure depends on the type of massage. On average, one session takes about 60 minutes.


After completing a course of manual massage in Odessa, it is possible to solve quite serious problems, the general state of health improves, aesthetic imperfections and functional disorders are eliminated.


Manual massage in the medical center “Doctor Mozart” is performed by qualified specialists who are individual

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