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For some people, no amount of exercise or dieting removes fatty deposits in parts of their bodies, such as the thighs, hips, abdomen, and upper arms. Whether it’s due to aging or genetics, having this extra, seemingly immovable fat can cause a poor body image and a lack of self-confidence. Our plastic surgeons offer liposuction, or lipoplasty, a process that removes excess fat deposits. Improving body contours and proportion can lead to increased self esteem and confidence.

Liposuction is also often done in conjunction with other procedures, such as facelifts, neck lifts, inner thigh lifts, and breast reduction for men and women.

What to expect during liposuction

Generally, whichever kind of liposuction is done, it can be done as an outpatient procedure if it is not being done in conjunction with a more invasive procedure. You will likely receive a local anesthetic and sedation to keep you comfortable.

Recovery from liposuction

After the procedure, you will be able to walk and move around comfortably. Your will need to wear a compression garment for six weeks to speed recovery time. Your doctor may also prescribe pain medication to deal with pain in the day or two after the procedure.

Swelling should begin to disappear in a matter of weeks and resolve completely in a few months. Though you may need to take a few days off of work, you should be able to return to normal activity and work within a week.

Because the incisions are so small, the scars that may occur will also be quite small and not very noticeable.

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