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Reconstruction of the breast

Reconstruction of the breast

Today, more and more women undergoing surgical treatment of breast cancer are turning to reconstruction of the lost organ. The surgeon chooses the technique of breast reconstruction for each patient individually, according to the indications, considering a number of initial factors.

Technique of reconstruction using tissue flaps,  excludes the use of an implant or expander.

Using this technique, the surgeon cuts a piece of tissue from the back or from the lower abdomen of the patient and transfers it to the place where required, for formation of a new mammary gland using the principles of microsurgery.

The plastic surgery usually takes place in two stages with an interval of several months. During the first stage, the mammary gland is formed, during the second stage the nipple and areola are formed.

Breast reconstruction surgery is a difficult and technical procedure. Even with good wound healing, the surgeon does not always succeed in creating a symmetrical and aesthetic mammary gland. This technique requires a large amount of surgical experience with similar operations. Sergey Blokhin has many years of experience in reconstructive operations on the face and body, working as a plastic surgeon in a specialized oncological hospital. It is this experience that allows him to perform his famous technically complex aesthetic and rejuvenating operations on the face and mammary glands.

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