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Middle third of the face lift

Middle third of the face lift

The problem of the middle third of the face is solved by the aesthetic operation “cheek-lifting”.

As a result of the operation, the lower eyelids are lifted and the nasolabial fold is smoothened. The face appearance goes to as it was 5 years ago.

Cheek-lifting is a labor-intensive operation that requires the surgeon to have great experience and skill, the presence of endoscopic equipment in the operating room and the knowledge of modern techniques.

Restrictions. Any medical technique has its own testimony and limit of possibilities. With a slightly outlined omission of the facial tissues, one can confine oneself to temporary fixation with threads (“trade-lifting”) or laser resurfacing. In any case, the surgeon will explain all the pros and cons of these techniques, the duration and effectiveness of their results.

Anesthesia. During the aesthetic operation, the patient is in a state of medical sleep – modern drugs for anesthesia exclude the possibility of nightmares and pain during surgery.

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