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GeneО is a modern cosmetology device from Pollogen (Israel), combining the three latest technologies: OxyGeneo (carboxytherapy), TriPollar (radio frequency lifting) and Ultrasound (ultrasound).

The Geneo device simultaneously performs:

non-aggressive exfoliation,
the introduction of unique compounds
skin oxygenation.
One platform now allows you to carry out 3 procedures in 1 session.

Having such an apparatus in the arsenal of the salon, you can offer services to customers of any age with all skin types in any season.

The services provided with the GeneO device are effective, while non-invasive, after the procedure at GeneO the client does not need time for rehabilitation.

An individual kit kit is provided for each procedure, which ensures safety and perfect hygiene.

Advantages of the GeneO cosmetology device

Gently and effectively cleanses the skin.
The skin takes on a healthy well-groomed appearance immediately after the procedure.
Promotes even skin tone, brightens.
Gels for treatments with unique formulas contribute to the maximum absorption of substances.
Corrects external manifestations of fatigue and stress.
GeneО technology is based on the Bohr effect discovered in 1904: with an increase in CO2 concentration, accelerated oxygen delivery is noted. This procedure is called carboxytherapy.

For the procedure, Capsugen is used – a capsule in which sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are enclosed. When Capsugen comes in contact with a nutrient-rich treatment gel, a chemical reaction occurs with the release of CO2 to the skin surface, and “foaming” occurs. Due to the increase in oxygen concentration at the site of exposure, blood circulation is enhanced, cellular metabolism is increased, and the absorption of the active ingredients of the cosmetics introduced is significantly enhanced.

Benefits for beauty and spa

The ability to provide 3 high-tech procedures using one device.
Carrying out procedures both individually and in combination with each other.
The solution to a wide range of cosmetology problems.
Procedures are suitable for clients with any type of skin.
The result immediately after the procedure.
Facial treatments

OxyGeneo technology – 3-in-1 treatment – exfoliation, oxygenation, infusion of cosmetics.

preparation of the skin for optimal penetration of nutrients;
stimulation of skin oxygenation from the inside;
improvement of skin tone and texture;
visible result immediately after the first procedure.
Radio frequency lifting TriPollar RF to improve skin condition. The most comfortable and safe treatment.

wrinkle reduction;
skin strengthening and renewal;
face contouring.
Ultrasound (Ultrasound) – improving microcirculation, accelerating cellular metabolism, enhancing the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Safe for all skin types.

increased absorption of active components;
contraction of enlarged pores;
elimination of swelling around the eyes.