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Rehabilitation after plastic surgery

Rehabilitation after plastic surgery

Rehabilitation is an integral part of any surgical procedure, since even minor injuries require some treatment. Rehabilitation therapy helps minimize the undesirable consequences of a trauma: edemas, hematomas, pain, scarring, impaired blood supply and sensitivity. Timely tissue repair may promote twice as fast recovery, which has a significant impact on the long-term postoperative outcomes. Our doctors help patients to resume their normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

The department activity:

Prevention of postoperative complications;

Improvement of lymph drainage in soft tissues resulting in faster subsidence of edema;

Rapid resorption of hematomas and restoration of local blood supply;

Skin repair and skin sensitivity improvement;

Minimization of the scarring process.

To achieve these goals, we use the most advanced techniques in various combinations, including phototherapy, lymph drainage, oxygen therapy, mesotherapy, etc.

Rehabilitation programs depend on the surgery type, individual patient characteristics and the time available for our patients. We can offer special express recovery programs that allow achieving maximum results within a short period of time.

Our Specialists

Oleg Trachev

Rehabilitation Physician