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Olena Malyuta Nikolayivna

Cosmetologist, specialist in laser technology
Brief info

She graduated from Odessa Medical University.

She passed an internship as a pediatric ophthalmic surgeon.

Graduated from the School of Advanced Cosmetology in Switzerland with a degree in cosmetology.

Until 2020, she worked as a cosmetologist at a private cosmetology clinic in Geneva.

He has a variety of injection techniques.

Certified specialist in leading cosmetic and cosmoceutical brands HolyLand, MAD, CNC, Hikari, Gunot.

He approaches work in a non-standard and creative way.

He likes to combine various types of achievements in modern cosmetology and hardware procedures.

He likes to experiment with different types of procedures and combine them in different combinations.

She was trained in the technique of Japanese KORUGI-massage in Tokyo.
Credo - any way is good in achieving the goal.