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Sergey Voronovsky

Doctor of Dermatology
Brief info

Specialist in laser technologies in aesthetic dermatology.

Member of the Expert Council of the Association of Laser Medicine and Cosmetology.

Certified expert in the treatment of cosmetic skin defects on the apparatus M22 (LUMENIS).

In 2010 Sergey Voronovsky was awarded the European Academy Natural Sciences honorary medal named after Paracelsus for outstanding services in mastering laser technologies in aesthetic medicine.

Over the years he has gained experience working on various types of lasers used in dermatology, dermatological surgery and plastic surgery.

Leads the center of aesthetic laser dermatology and
dermatosurgery - laser rejuvenation of aging skin, laser elimination and correction of scars after acne, skin stretch marks, laser
correction of skin pigmentation disorders, removal of benign skin formations, laser removal of vascular skin pathology.