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Examination and diagnosis in trichology

Examination and diagnosis in trichology

Our trichologist doctor has an individual approach to each patient who comes to us with such a sensitive issue, as complaints of the hair and scalp conditions.

An initial consultation at Dr Mozart Tricology includes:

clarification of the patient’s complaints;
clarification on the life history data;
survey on a diet;
visual examination;
diagnosis of the scalp and hair condition;
therapy entry;

The important point at the trichologist’s is also clarification of dietary habits and hair care for each patient, since it is an indisputable fact that hair health is largely determined by a combination of these two factors: a full balanced diet and sensible beauty care.

A doctor should take into account all the features of the conditions of life of a patient and the region of residence, especially food, professional activity, chronic diseases and unspecified complaints on health.

What do we treat?

The most common problems faced by a huge number of patients are hair loss problems, hair thinning and its growth regress. Patients also complain of the presence of dandruff, itching and rash on the scalp, thinning and deterioration of hair.
Applied current diagnostic methods allow clarifying a diagnosis and prescribing appropriate comprehensive treatment according to it.

Diseases that may be the reason of abnormal hair loss include:

seborrhea of the scalp;
diffuse alopecia;
androgenic alopecia;
alopecia areata.

How do we treat?

In each case treatment of the patient is carried out taking into account the characteristics of a disease and examination results. That is why every patient suffering from hair disease is prescribed his own individual course of treatment.

Treatment is always dictated only by the patient’s indications for drugs, features of the process dynamics during the course of therapy and the desire to obtain the greatest possible effect in each particular case.

The course of treatment is formed on the basis of external therapy in conjunction with procedures, as well as a massage of the scalp.

Individual programs for hair treatment and recovery.

Preparing for hair transplantation and reconstitution after transplantation (both steps are very important and affect the final result).
Hair reconstitution after dyeing, extensions and chemical exposure (treatment program aims to restore the hair structure).
Hair reconstitution after childbirth (special comprehensive program helps as soon as possible to reduce hair loss and enhance its growth).

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