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Plasmolifting in gynecology

Plasmolifting in gynecology


Every woman always wants to be charming. Sexual relationships occupy an important place in the life of a woman, she always wants to be loved and desired. Satisfaction in the intimate life has a beneficial effect both on the mental and physical condition. Many marriages collapse precisely because of problems in the intimate sphere. Such dissatisfaction destroys the relationship as a whole.

There are many gynecological problems, and most women live with it all their lives. They are accompanied by a myriad of complexes, which prevent to be fully realized in society.

Modern medicine can easily eliminate any aesthetic problems in gynecology. And if earlier only the surgical method, which most women fear, could solve these problems, then surgical treatment are used only in extreme cases now.

In order to rejuvenate intimate parts, an injection method is widely used and effective, which will give you the opportunity to feel young and full of desires, strengths and feelings. The main advantage of non-invasive methods of correction is that you will not have to change the usual way of life, refrain from some plans and feel stress because of the future operation. In our center we use only modern injecting medicines and techniques that give a lasting effect. The procedure is carried out by highly skilled specialists who know their business.


♦ rejuvenation and improvement of the look of the intimate zone;
♦ increased muscle tone of the pelvic area;
♦ improvement of the degree of moisturizing of the genital mucosa;
♦ correction of urinary incontinence.


♦ increased libido;
♦ improving the quality of sexual life;
♦ increased sensitivity of the intimate zone;
♦ elimination of the complex of inferiority and aesthetic dissatisfaction.


One of the innovative non-invasive methods of restoration and rejuvenation of the body is plasmolifting. In gynecology it is used as a part of complex treatment for accelerating tissue regeneration.

Plasmolifting is a medical procedure that is an injection of platelet plasma, derived from his own blood of the patient, to a defective organ.

How does it work?

The therapeutic effect of this procedure is based on the presence platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). They stimulate the regeneration (restoration) of tissues, mucous membranes. Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal drugs only affect the pathogen, but do not eliminate the effects of inflammation that it causes. Due to the inclusion of the plasmolifting procedure in the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, dystrophic diseases of the vulva (kraurosis vulvae, leukoplakia), chronic endometritis, recurrent endo- and exzocervicitis, a reliable therapeutic effect is achieved and the duration of treatment is reduced.

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