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Neoplasms of the skin removal

Neoplasms of the skin removal

Benign neoplasms are non-cancerous forms of tissue proliferation such as moles, lipomas or uterine fibroids. These neoplasms do not become cancerous and are not usually life threatening, but depending on its location, a benign growth may cause symptoms and signs if it presses on vital neighboring structures such as glands or nerves. This may mean treatment is required, usually surgery to remove the tumor without damaging any surrounding tissue. Other forms of therapy are medication and radiotherapy.

We use a CO2 laser for removal of papillomas, warts, nevuses and other skin neoplasms. By changing the radiation parameters of CO2 lasers a doctor can control depth of exposure with pinpoint accuracy eliminating accompanying injury to adjacent sound skin areas. Thanks to this, the traces of laser radiation exposure are minimum or do not remain at all.

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